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High quality exterior facades by NMC

Our Shop for stucco mouldings

Browse our online shop for Stuckleisten online shop and redesign your living spaces. From living room to bedroom, but also for the kitchen and your bathroom is something. Make bare walls an eye-catcher with selected cornices, skirting boards and baseboards. Your hallway and stairwell becomes a beautiful space through stucco moldings and wall panels. Combined with indirect lighting on the floor or under the ceiling, you create a new, bright room. You will find in our various categories products from the well-known manufacturers Orac Decor and NMC.

Among other things, our stucco moldings are made of high-quality polyurethanes, therefore they have a good impact resistance and are easy to work with. For the product you will find the matching accessories such as stucco mold adhesive, miter and saws. Enjoy safe shopping with uncomplicated processing and fast shipping directly to your home. We offer a wide range of payment methods and ship throughout Germany and within Europe. We are happy to advise you on the selection, material and design. Simply call us or send us an e-mail. We are also happy to send you product catalogs by post.

Whether simple, elegant or sumptuous, we offer in our online shop a large selection of high-quality stucco moldings such as cornice mouldings, skirting boards, baseboards, columns and other decorative elements for your home. Our nearly 1,000 products and the necessary adhesives and tools are produced by manufacturers like Orac Decor and NMC and offer the right stucco mmouldig for every style, every taste and every budget.

Stucco moldings for every taste and every budget

Our skirting boards and cornice mouldings provide a nice and consistent transition between ceiling and wall. Simple curved or angular stucco mouldings for the small budget can be found in the BASIXX range by Orac Decor and at Nomastyl by NMC. For lovers of elaborate and large stucco moldings and decorations, LUXXUS ranges from Orac Decor and Arstyl from NMC are the perfect choice. The high-quality frieze rails, door frames and decorative elements provide a luxurious flair in your home.

Stucco baseboards and bases - the conclusion of each wall

Not only do we hide hideous transitions with our impact resistant baseboards and baseboards, but also cables lying around disappear behind the baseboards. They are the conclusion between every wall and every floor. For the decoration of walls and ceilings we carry a large assortment of rosettes, medallions, panels and other decorative elements. In combination with our wall and frieze moldings there are countless design options for wall and ceiling. The MODERN collection by Orac Decor offers creative and new ideas for wall design with its diagonal skirting boards.

Flexible stucco mouldings also in our

Many of our stucco moldings are also available in a flexible design. This makes it possible to lay the otherwise stiff base or ceiling strips in curves and to go round perfectly. Wall arches or door arches can be perfectly covered with the help of the stretchable and flexible stucco moldings. The flexible wall strips, cornices and baseboards have the advantage that they can be bent both horizontally and vertically.

Stucco mouldings with indirect lighting

Indirect lighting of your living room is provided by the high-quality and LUXXUS Arstyl lighting strips. Curved or angular moldings hide the LED strips and become a stylish eye-catcher. In this way, you create an indirect and atmospheric light in your room. The designer Ulf Moritz designed special cornices for Orac Decor, which conjure up a nice atmosphere through light and shadow. Maybe you've also thought about using pillars as a design tool. The high-quality columns and pilasters from Orac Decor LUXXUS are made of shock-resistant PU rigid foam and can be combined with matching capitals and sockets.

Stucco elements for external facades

Finished stucco elements are also used for the cladding of exterior facades. Whether villa or townhouse, the design of the exterior facade must not only resist the weather. Here, the manufacturer NMC Domostyl offers a large selection of consoles, Bossensteinen and window sills. You will also find the accessories and tools you need for your project in our stucco molding professional. Browse through the categories or be inspired by our room images. You can also round off your wall design with many other stucco products such as fireplaces, Byblos shelf fronts, wallboards and consoles, and create a space in which a lot can be discovered. Whether elegant and pompous or modern and puristic, you will find it in our online shop

Sample service for stucco mouldings

You are not sure which piece of bar fits exactly to your room and if your favorite is really the right one? For almost all last we offer you a Stuckleisten sample service for a small price. Our sample pieces are approx. 20 cm long and go to you directly by post. So you have the opportunity to compare the bars directly, they can stop and feel the quality in the original. We will gladly charge you for the samples in your subsequent order and will gladly advise you by e-mail and also by telephone.

Do not hesitate to ask us anytime!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help and advise you. Benefit from our more than 80 years of experience as a painter and let us advise you. If a product of your choice should be missing, we will gladly procure it. Contact us by e-mail or by phone.

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