These AXXENT profiles offer a complete range of corner mouldings, panel mouldings and baseboards from classic to modern. The products are made of high density Duropolymer. These bars are very hard and shock-resistant, impact and water resistant, 100% recyclable and therefore ideal to use as a baseboard and trim strip for door frames. Also the edges of all AXXENT profiles are very precise and sharp and help to create a refined finishing touch. Orac AXXENT cornice mouldings, panel mouldings and skirtings will create your interior with a completely new character, from modern to precious and Chick. Individually or combined Orac AXXENT profiles execute many opportunities for humor and originality. An excellent source of inspiration. Creativity knows no bounds ...


This Orac BASIXX products are made of Styrofoam newest type of production. By Durofoam technology these profiles are produced by LDS polystyrene and they are 100% recyclable. This revolutionary technique was developed by Orac. These profiles are characterized by a very innovative, modern design and an exact reproduction of profile edges. The mouldings are pre-primed, so they can simply be painted with conventional ceiling or wall colors.

Fireclass NMC

For the installation of the nmc mouldings there is no necessity in fire classification according to DIN 4102, because the small amount of the mouldings does not extra aggrandise a hostile fire. The mouldings resist a heat to 80 °C, then they start to melt.

Fireclass Orac

You find some information about the fire classification of Orac Decor mouldings in the following PDF`s, which can be downloaded..


PDF download


These quality plastic is characterized by a high density and hardness. Thus the mouldings are not only tough and persistent, but very light. The material is close to high-class styrofoam.


High-density polymer is composed of a polymer with a high density. Thus high-density polymer is a very hard material from which the skirtings from the Orac collection AXXENT consist.

Cornice Moulding

Cornice mouldings are mouldings for decorating the ceiling and wall. They form a transition from the wall to the ceiling and can be painted in different colours. The profiles are delivered in a length about 2 m and must be individually cut to miter. The fiiting accessories for the installation from cornice mouldings can be found here.

Indirect Lighting

Mouldings as well as lighting fixture are qualified for indirect lighting. The lamp is integrated in or on the moulding. Also light plates or chains of lights can be installed. The minimum distance from the indirect lighting moulding to the ceiling must account at least 15-20 cm. The installation should be done by an electrician.


NMC has developed the High Definition Polymer System (HDPS) which connects high technology with design. The products made of this material offer the following special features: water-repellent and resistant against dampness, the base coat was especially developed for an ideal lacquering and coating. The micro cellular foam has the ideal proportion from weight to density and so it conserves the resources. High environmental sustainability: recyclable, without formaldehyde, pvc and pcb.

Decorative Mantel Pieces

Mantel pieces are made of polyurethane and are screwed and adhered on the wall. The chimneys from Orac Decor are for decorative purposes only and may not be used in combination with heat and fire (only suitable for electric fire). They are primed and can be overcoated and they are available in different variations. Please use the installation sheet and the technical data sheet before installation.


The program of Orac LUXXUS has a unique offering of luxurious and creative profiles and decorative accessories for design. This complete program offers a concept of cornice moldings, panel mouldings, baseboards, lighting systems and door decorations for a stylish decoration. The moldings are made from quality plastic Purotouch (High grade polyurethane). This material has proven its quality and enables an easy installation. Also Also the edges of all LUXXUS profiles are very precise and sharp. All LUUXUS profiles are already pre-primed and can be painted with quality paints.

Niche / Garnish Elements

Niches and garnish elements are installed on the wall. Niches can be adhered to the wall, but they can also get installed into the wall. They are primed and can be overcoated and are often used in combination with panel mouldings and door frames. These mouldings are made of polyurethane.


NomaBeam Beams are made of polyurethane and are available in the optics oak light and oak dark. They look like real wood. They are assimilated with a special glue and the compatibly wood cement. In addition to the beams, which have a length from 2m, 3m or 4m, there are some adequate consoles and panel mouldings.

Panels / Wall and Door

Panels made of polyurethane-hard foam can be used no the wall and on door. Wall and door panels are similarly processed as ceiling roses and can also be overcoated.

Coulumn / Capital / Base

A full column consists of three elements: base, column and capital. They are made of a highly compressed polyurethane, which is qualified for interior and outdoor. The columns are available in half or full. If the column has a continuous straight, it is possible to cut it to an individual height. If it is concave (coniform), it is not possible to cut it. Please note the different diameters of the different bases, capitals and columns by creating a own combination.

PS-Hard Foam

PS-hard foam is an extruded polystyrol hard foam and has the following attributes:

- closed-cell hard foamed plastic
- rotproof
- less elastic
- less dampness resistance

PU flexibel

High-density polymer is composed of a polymer with a high density. Thus high-density polymer is a very hard material from which the skirtings from the Orac collection AXXENT consist.

PU-Hard Foam

PU-hard foam mouldings are made of polyurethane.
Polyurethane is a high-class material and has the following attributes:

- a high abrasion resistance
- a high abrasion resistance
- good/very good resistance to weathering
- good flexibility in warm temperature


Purotouch - high grade polyurethane is a casted high-class Polymer based on a high densitive polyurethane. All products from the Orac collection LUXXUS are made of it.

Ceiling Roses / Elements

Ceiling roses, light domes, ceiling tiles and three-dimensional ceiling elements to decorate the ceiling. These are compounded for integration to the ceiling lighting. They are pre-primed and can be overcoated. Please note the inner diameter of the ceiling rose to avoid any complications.

Pilaster / Capital / Base

A pilaster consists of three elements: base, column and capital. They are made of polyurethane, which has a high density, and can be used interior. A pilaster is similar to a half column, because it will be adhered to the wall. You have to cut the straight column from a pilaster to any height you like.

Skirtings and Skirting Boards

Skirtings are made of an extremely hard and resistant material, thus they are resistant to knocks an cleaning water. Some of the skirting are available in a flexible material and can be installed in curves. They can also be overcoated in different colours and designs.

Door Frame / Pediment

Door frames consist of flat mouldings, pediments and garnish / cornice mouldings. They are made of polyurethane, high-density polymer and they are available in sets. Please note by choosing the width of the pediments and adjust the sizes of your door.


All mouldings and decorative elements are pre-primed. It means it has through its plain and matted surface a perfect paint adherence.

Wall and Frieze rails

Wall and frieze strips are flat profiles on the rear, which are preferably used for the design of wall panels or handrails. Depending on the design idea, these must also be mitred.

Shelves and Corbels

In addition to the garnish mouldings Orac and NMC offer panel mouldings and decorative elements fro the wall design. Whether simple or playful with ornaments – shelves and corbels ere easy to handle, it is the same installation as the nishes have, and are pre-primed and can be overcoated. NMC also offers in its collection Domostyl design elements for outdoor.