On this page we would like to help you with frequently asked questions. If you don't find an appropriate answer here, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail!


What prices are shown here?

The prices quoted are gross, including VAT and plus shipping costs.

Can I order products from Orac Decor® and NMC in this online shop?

You can order all Orac Decor® and NMC products from us. Should you ever be unable to find a product in our online shop, please contact us, so that we can create an individual offer for you.

Do you have a showroom, where I can have a look at your products?

Yes of course, gladly you can have a look at the products. We have processed some products
in our store in Reken, so that you are welcome to take a look at personally. We are looking forward to your visit!

Is it possible to get a catalog about the products of your range?

Of course we also have catalogs of the products, we sell in our online shop. Gladly you can contact us, so that we can send you a catalog.

Can I order also some samples of the products?

You have the option of ordering sample pieces of the desired stucco moldings in advance, to get a look at the material in real. For this you can easily choose the option “sample”, to get a sample pieces of approximately 20 cm. Of course, we can then offset the cost of the sample with the order of the respective molding.

What makes forming with stucco profiles so popular?

The high quality and simple assembly make the stucco elements so popular. The different materials of the products make many different designs possible, which visually enhance your interior. See for yourself!

Can I only process the products in classic rooms?

No, the products offer the fitting solution for every taste and furnishing style – noble embellishments for example create a perfect picture in the baroque style, where clear edges and structures can be perfectly integrated in modern rooms. The design options are endless and can be used individually according to taste and furnishing style.


What material are the stucco profiles made of?

The profiles are made of high-quality materials that enable robust handling and easy processing. Depending on the product type, the material and properties of the products vary. Precise information can be found in the data sheets on the respective product pages.

Can I also use the products in the outside area?

All products from the LUXXUS and AXXENT collection from Orac Decor as well as the DOMOSTYL products from NMC are suitable for outdoor installation. Please note that you can use the special DecoFix Power adhesive from Orac Decor or the DOMOSTYL HYBRID adhesive from NMC for installation. The stucco moldings must then be painted over with a facade paint to ensure weather resistance.

How long can I use the glue?

The adhesive is stable for 12 months from the date of manufacture. You can find the exact expiry date on the label.

Are the stucco moldings classified as fire protection?

The standard Orac Decor® products have fire protection class E. This means that the product can burn, continue to burn and does not stop burning automatically. The fire classification according to DIN 4102 is normally not necessary for the installation of the NMC decorative profiles, because the small quantities do not additionally fuel a fire. The moldings withstand a heat of up to 70 ° C, then they begin to melt.

What heat resistance do the products have?

The maximum heat resistance is 70 ° C.


How do I assemble the stucco profiles?

The products are easy to assemble with the appropriate adhesive. The corners can be cut individually with a saw and a miter box. The strips can then be painted with a varnish or emulsion paint. On the respective product pages you will find detailed assembly instructions with a step-by-step explanation. We are happy to help you with any questions.

Can I paint over the moldings?

All strips are pre-primed at the factory and can be painted with a varnish or emulsion paint after assembly..

How can I process the abutting edges of the strips?

The DecoFix Extra seam adhesive from Orac Decor or the Adefix Plus from NMC are suitable for connecting the butt edges. After the glue has been applied to the ends, they must be pressed against each other. The adhesive that oozes out must be removed immediately with a spatula. After 20 minutes, the remaining adhesive is removed again with a spatula and the joint is lightly sanded. You can then fill the joint with a joint filler. BASIXX strips from Orac Decor can easily be glued to the FDP500.

How can you remove adhesive residue?

Orac Decor DecoFix Pro: immediately with water
Orac Decor DecoFix Power: immediately with a soap solution or a cleaning cloth
Orac Decor DecoFix Extra: after 20 minutes with a spatula and acetone, thinner or a cleaning cloth
NMC Adefix: immediately with water
NMC Adefix Plus: immediately with turpentine substitute
NMC Domostyl Hybrid: immediately the turpentine substitute or mechanically after drying

Can the products also be applied to areas that have already been painted?

The stucco moldings can also be installed on surfaces that have already been painted. Please note that these must be dry, clean and free of grease.

Can I also install the moldings on a wallpaper?

We recommend that you remove the wallpaper at the appropriate places before attaching the decorative elements. If this is not possible, we recommend that you use the DecoFix Power when installing Orac Decor profiles. NMC profiles can also be applied to wallpapered surfaces. However, it is important that the surfaces are stable, clean, dry, dust-free, fat-free and smooth.

How can I install a flexible bar?

In advance, the abutting edges of the flexible strips are glued with seam adhesive. Then the strips can be brought to the wall with the DecoFix Pro from Orac or Adefix from NMC. Detailed information on the assembly and the flexibility of the individual products can be found in the data sheets of the respective strips.


Are there suitable lighting systems for the light strips?

Orac Decor® and NMC do not offer any lighting systems itself. However, we have lighting systems from Brillux TuneLight in our range that can be combined with the stucco moldings. You can find these under "Brillux TuneLight light strips".

Do I need aluminum brackets for the LED strips?

If the indirect lighting is to be directed towards the floor, aluminum brackets should be attached. We also recommend this for all Duropolymer® (CX articles) or rather NOMASTYL® products, as otherwise the light would shine through the material.

Which LED strips should I buy – 12 or 24 volts?

This can be chosen according to taste, but 24 volts usually create a more even light.

Can I also point the indirect lighting downwards?

Indirect lighting can also be reversed, so that it gets directed downwards. To do this, an aluminum bracket must be attached behind the bar in which the LED bars can be clipped on.

Up to what temperatures do the products withstand?

The maximum permissible temperature for the products in combination with the LED strips is 70 ° C.