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Orac Decor MODERN - Modern stucco mouldings and decorative elements with a 3D effect in purist style

The MODERN collection combines a special selection of stucco products in 5 concepts. Here the perfected modernity meets the inspiration of architecture and its purity.

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The 5 concepts L3, Steps, Diagonal, High Line and 3D Wall Panels consist of cornice mouldings, curtain strips, skirting boards and 3D wall elements, designed by Orio Tonini and Pierre Daems.

Under the motto "less is more," the MODERN range focuses on the essentials of room design. Stucco moldings with straight lines ensure pure, purist design. The linearly shaped profiles from the series "Steps" and "Diagonal" can be emphasized in combination with light concepts with an expressive shadow play. Unique effects, which are simply created with cornice mouldings and skirtings, charms the wall and the room in a special art.

The Steps C390 and C391 not only leave a curtain strip nicely designed, they can also be combined with each other. This results unprecedented transitions from the ceiling to the wall. The large profiles C392 and C393 fit perfectly with the skirting boards of the series "Highline" SX180 and SX181.

Simple light concepts with great effect - The L3 profiles shows it with their effect. A classic modern design, which creates a beautiful light play in the room with refined edges.

3D walls are now even easier to make - the individual wall elements have the advantage that they can be used flexibly and create an individual wall picture. The rhombic element "Rombus" offers as a basic element a variety of design possibilities. With the different thicknesses of different sides, 3D effects can be easily generated. In combination with the element W101 "Trapezium", which also has the different thicknesses, a flowing image is created on the wall.

The Orac Decor elements "Cubi" W102 and W103 can be used to create wall pictures reminiscent of a puzzle or pixel. The different thicknesses on the surface also create a 3D effect that can be seen.

All profiles and 5 concepts of the MODERN collection by Orac Decor lend the room a purist design that creates a modern room with its refinements.

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