Orac Decor Ulf Moritz – stuck afford and ornamental elements for a modern 3D effect

The successful designer Ulf Moritz shows in his collection in collaboration with the manufacturer Orac décor moldings and elements who give your rooms more shape and dimension. Create your own combinations and design your home with the designs of Ulf Moritz according to your wishes.

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Browse through the collection of the designer and you will find both decorative items, wall and frieze moldings, skirting boards and cornices with modern and unique designs. 

Beautify your simple rooms with expressive strips from the collection of Ulf Moritz: The each 2-meter-long plaster moldings give the wall a lot additional dimension. The designs of the bars transform your walls with your curves, whether with or without indirect lighting, and conjure a modern room setting. 

Also the decorative elements from the collaboration of the designer with Orac Decor become the beautiful accessory in your living room, or wherever you want to put stylish highlights on the wall: 

The elements are sometimes kept simple to set simple accents. Who does like something fancy and elegant that adorns its walls with small curves and ornaments. With names like "Smile" and "Curl" Ulf Moritz has taken the description of the designs on the head. Decorate your walls and let the different elements depending on the light, throw beautiful shadows on your walls. 

If the you pre-primed ornaments are too plain for you , you can paint it in your favorite color and thus set with color effects great highlights this quite simple. For the matching paints and finishes, visit: http://farbe-und-technik.de/ 

Form, using the various elements your very own special creation for your walls Rummage in our space pictures and get such great ideas for your interior design and be inspired by the skills of the professionals. 

Combine the different elements together: Smile in combination with curl or Folio for example, form beautiful floral motifs. 

Customize the stucco moldings by Ulf Moritz, and with its decorative elements your space according to your needs and can create great combinations and achieve 3D effects.

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