Orac Decor - Stuck consoles and wall boards

Let yourself be inspired by our Orac Decor consoles and wall boards. Here you will find a flawless quality, to be mounted easily. With simple hand reefs to give your living room a whole new look.

Stuck-Konsole B404 Orac Decor LUXXUS Zierleisten
Art.Nr.: B404
73,58 €/Stück73,58€*
Stuck-Konsole B409 Orac Decor LUXXUS Zierleisten
Art.Nr.: B409
109,27 €/Stück109,27€*
Stuck-Konsole B410 Orac Decor LUXXUS Zierleisten
Art.Nr.: B410
133,77 €/Stück133,77€*
Stuck-Konsole B413 Orac Decor LUXXUS Zierleisten
Art.Nr.: B413
77,93 €/Stück77,93€*
Stuck-Konsole B414 Orac Decor LUXXUS Zierleisten
Art.Nr.: B414
62,78 €/Stück62,78€*
Stuck-Konsole B417 Orac Decor LUXXUS Zierleisten
Art.Nr.: B417
156,06 €/Stück156,06€*

The manufacturer Orac Decor offer from the Luxxus collection of various consoles and wall boards. Whether clear modern structures or playful baroque pattern in this selection you are sure to find the right thing. The decorative element are versatile, such as under shelves, ceiling or capitals. They transform a simple shelf in an impressive, attractive element.

The decorative elements are mounted with the FDP500 DecoFix Pro. The FDP500 is a slow-drying adhesive assembly, which guarantees a long lasting connection between the elements and the wall. This adhesive is suitable for indoor use and for absorbent surfaces. He is also filling cracks, paintable and sandable. A real all-rounder. After mounting the wall brackets and boards with emulsion paints, latex paints or varnishes can be removed. Whether glossy, matt, colored or plain white, this choice you make.

The Luxxus collection presents itself as an exclusive brand of Orac Decor. The program consists of unique, luxurious creative profiles and decorative accessories. The collection provides a stylish concept. Moreover, the various products have a strong visual impact. Through their striking look, her relief or her remarkable sizes you determine the atmosphere in the house. The collection includes an assortment of corner and wall moldings on baseboards to lighting systems, trim and door decorations.

The stucco elements are made of high quality plastic as Purotouch (high-quality polyurethane) and Duropolymer (a polymer with high density). Not only their impeccable quality features Luxxus but also its unique design.

If you need inspiration, then take a look at our room settings. Here the products are used sensibly and exclusive.

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