Beautiful panels for wall and door surfaces

The panels for wall and door surfaces of Orac Decor are decorative and very high quality. Thus, old doors can transform quickly and easily. Among the many positive product properties, for example, includes the excellent quality. The panels consist all means from a PU rigid foam polyurethane and very stable, wear-resistant and buckling.

In the entire collection of Orac Decor there are numerous stucco-products. Ceiling moldings, baseboards, to rosettes, wall boards and panels for door and wall surfaces are products for decorative interior designs. The stucco elements are suitable for many areas and residential space. Crown moldings and panels are perfectly adapted to embellish wall and door surfaces or easy to change. With the door and wall panels can be old doors make quite new in modern- or classical style. 

For the door itself, there are already pre-made door panels made of PU-hard foam. This material is very resistant and durable. They are also very sturdy and shockproof. Each of these products is pre-primed, and only needs to be painted with high quality water-based emulsion paint or varnish. 

Here, you then have the large selection of different colors. Whether white or cream or maybe colorful and flashy? High gloss or semi-gloss prefer? All this is a matter of taste, with high-gloss paint the stucco panels acting very different, shapes and embellishments come to bear more and act more intensively by the degree of gloss. 

Plaster panels can be used in any interior. Even the bathroom doors and walls can be decorated with stucco products. Is obtained in the entire living area a unified picture. 

It is important that a special adhesive is used in the bathroom. For this, you must use the hydraulic gluten FDP700 of Orac Decor. This has been specifically designed for wet locations. The mounting of the panels is quite simple and can be mastered even by amateur craftsmen. 

Transform your walls and doors with an exceptionally exciting and decorative passages.

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