Orac Decor garnish elements - Decorative fireplaces in stucco optics

Fireplaces are now used not only as a heat source, but serve as an eye-catching, eye-catching design element or for all rooms. The decorative mantel pieces provide warmth and atmosphere.

You want a nice fireplace in your home as a decorative element? Then try choosing fireplace matel pieces made of polyurethane. These stacks are an optical trim element. Polyurethane is a high quality plastic material. Its good quality guarantee smooth mounting on all load-bearing surfaces. 

The precise cut surfaces guarantee a tailored lining practiced by the individual elements. In our shop you get the fireplaces in different height and width. So you can put together your individual fireplace. If you like it warm, but you have the option to install an electric heater under the mantel pieces. This should max. have up to 2 to 3 kW.

Stucco fireplaces can be mounted on all load-bearing walls. The individual parts are screwed and glued. For this, a special filler adhesive is used. You can give your decorative mantel pieces a special appearance by using a colored coat. To swipe, take a latex paint or a varnish. You can choose your favorite shade spot in our store in Reken and can mix with us. 

In keeping with the fireplace you will find a wide collection of stucco with us. So you can customize to fit your wall decorative fireplace with corner and wall moldings, baseboards, door borders or rosettes. How would it be if you put your fireplace in a warm light. They get us to match the chimney crown molding with light elements. The light can be individually can appear on their fireplace. 

Here, they then have the option between direct and indirect lighting to choose. In our shop you will find modern fireplaces with a timeless look to consuming modeled, effective fireplaces. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to get an elegant result.

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