Byblos and shelf fronts of Orac Decor - Decorative Wall Hanging

The Byblos and shelf fronts of Orac Decor collection Luxxus offer many options as there are books. You can create with a limited number of modular countless bookcases and libraries.

The Luxxus collection of the manufacturer Orac Decor offers many design options. The Byblos modules can be combined with each trim of Orac Decor, so a stylish, balanced look can be achieved.

The entire Luxxus collection is made from high quality plastic as Purotouch (high-quality polyurethane) and Duropolymer made (a polymer with high density). This material demonstrates daily its quality and allows for a smooth installation.

The shelf fronts and Byblos should be mounted with a mounting adhesive. But this should always be recommended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer Orac Decor offers matching its decorative elements on the mounting adhesive FDP500. The FDP500 is a slow-drying glue which guarantees a long lasting connection between the decorative elements. The adhesive is also paintable, sandable and filling cracks. The abutting edges should be glued with the FX210 DecoFix extra. The adhesive used for joining the strips. After applying the adhesive, the press firmly together and trim remove excess Decofix Extra prior to curing with acetone. After assembly, the Byblos and shelf fronts can be painted with any paints, latex paints or varnishes. Here you can make the color selection itself. Whether colorful or plain white, let your creativity run wild.

The Luxxus collection takes on the parent brand Orac Decor an exclusive place. The range offers a unique range of luxury creative profiles and decorative accessories. The complete program provides a stylish concept. The different elements also have a strong visual impact. They contain a striking look and create a better atmosphere in your home. In short, you do not have a special and distinctive spatial effect and give your home that special something.

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