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Orac Decor LUXXUS Stucco Mouldings - exclusive design for exceptional interior design

This collection of Orac Decor contains a unique offering luxurious, creative profiles and decorative accessories. Of rosettes, ceiling panels, shelf fronts, niches to fireplaces you will find everything contributes to a complete and extravagant interior design.

The different products from the Luxxus collection feature all through their strong visual impact. They give your room a very special atmosphere with its exceptional design, shape or simply by their vast size. In short, ideally, in order to give your home a very unusual design.

All items in the collection Luxxus are made of very high quality and a Purotouch quality plastic. This material is extremely impact-resistant and very easy to work with.

The Luxxus collection is constantly expanding with new, creative ideas and models, sometimes even by well-known designers such as Ulf Moritz designed.

He has also designed smaller decorative elements, such as drop, snails or curls. These decorative elements can be extraordinary and courageous realize decorations on your walls.

You alone decide how extravagant and creative design of this wall will be. Many sections of the Luxxus collection can also be used in a multifunctional of the door surround on wall moldings to baseboards, everything is possible.

With rosettes can be put easily and without much effort some life into your ceiling, or attention eg attention to a particularly beautiful lamp or a chandelier. Of course you can use rosettes but also as wall design, let your creativity run free.

In addition, all sections, and elements have almost a twofold effect : on the one hand, of course, the decorative, which is in first place with security. But they all have the positive and practical side effect that you can cover up small cracks, holes or flaws with them.

Let yourself be inspired by our shop space images and create your own "dream home landscape".

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