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Orac Decor Basixx cornices - Design for a small price

The Basixx collection of Orac especially appeals to the young audience that does not want to give up style in your own home. The garnisch mouldings of this collection are affordable for every budget and also the material is also 100% recyclable - which is increasingly important in today's time! The mouldings are made of polystyrene LDS, Durofoam a technology that was developed by Orac. In the Basixx collection of 13 different models of cornice mouldings for the ceiling to choose from - so it should be the right for every taste be.

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The mouldings of the Basixx collection should be employed only for the transition from ceiling to wall. The Basixx models are not shockproof, because of their material and so cannot used as a skirting.

A small push with vacuum cleaners or the shopping bag, the material would not resist. You can safely use these strips or stucco mouldings as a cornice mouldings, because the ceiling is not affected by shock hazard. All strips are already primed and can be painted after installation with standard ceiling or wall colors.

You should make a test coat on a sample piece before you stroke all strips directly - so you are on the safe side. In addition, the mouldings meet not only a decorative purpose. Of course, even small errors can hide very stylish with the stucco mouldings.

The choices are round, simple, square, subtle or massive bars, so for every taste there is something suitable. No matter which option you choose, corner posts shall, in any case for a modern, visual effect in any room and with the Basixx collection remains in this finish also affordable for everyone.

All Basixx stucco mouldings simply install with FDP 500 glue by Orac Decor. The water-based acrylic adhesive ensures a long-lasting connection between bar, wall and ceiling. The bars are always 2 m long and must be tailored according to the requirements. Who is sent by hand, for those mounting the strips should be no problem.

In our store you can also find corresponding assembly instructions in PDF format or video.

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