Orac Decor AXXENT - wall and frieze panel mouldings as shelves, wall run or frame

With wall panel mouldings and frieze blocks from the axxent collection of Orac Decor you can conjure up the atmosphere of a giant castle, an imposing hotel or a manor house in a jiffy. The moldings are available in all sizes, shapes and styles. There are innumerable ways ceilings, walls or even furniture with wall and frieze strips to make

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The Orac Axxent program offers a wide choice. The collection consists of Duropolymer, extruded, shockproof and waterproof polymer mixture.

Moreover, the material is paintable and easy to assemble. If you want to change something in your rooms, this is a quick and easy solution. The trim should be fitted with the recommended mounting adhesive by the manufacturer.

( Orac Decofix -Pro FDP500 ) The FDP500 is a slow- drying glue which guarantees a long lasting connection between the wall and the plaster moldings. The surface must be smooth before installation, level, dry, clean and free of grease.

Often the wall bars are circumferentially mounted on a height as a border so as to divide a room look. By a different color scheme of the two areas, the division is optically amplified.

It can be also beautiful fields with wall and ledges make. The wall panels can be filled individually with patterned wallpaper, pictures or mirrors. Even older pieces of furniture you can shine with the wall bars from the axxent collection in a new light.

Here, minimalist cabinet walls offer particularly. You can trim to taste glue on the doors and they still highlight color. Of course, you can use the frieze strips for the finishing of ceilings or as a supplement to corner posts. In addition, there are almost all moldings and profiles in flexible design.

You can also create curve runs on the wall. With the wall and frieze strips you give your walls in a jiffy Stylish new characters. Let yourself be inspired by our room. Your creativity knows no bounds.

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