Orac Decor Axxent - cornice mouldings for the ceiling perfect wall decoration

Axxent is a collection of Orac Decor. The collection is a high quality assortment of ledges, wall and frieze rails and foot and baseboards. Discover in our crown molding shop to a world of endless possibilities and functional solutions with axxent ledges.

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The axxent collection of the manufacturer Orac Decor is priced in the middle. It is characterized by an exact and straightforward processing, with which you can give your living room a modern style.

The strips consist of Duropolymer, extruded, shockproof and waterproof polymer mixture. The dense polymer mixture is also an ideal material for skirting boards and door surrounds. These are also a part of the Axxent collection.

The moldings are primed, environmentally friendly and free of solvents, CFC and are 100% recyclable. The program includes modern designed and classically decorated plaster moldings, cornices, wall and frieze moldings and trim. With the ledges you can achieve a stylish transition from wall to ceiling.

Axxent corner posts are available in many designs which suit all tastes and provide a visually appealing effect. The crown molding not only provide tasteful decoration, but also hide errors and columns. Crown molding with a double advantage.

With the Orac Axxent strips you can give your interiors a completely new character, from classy to modern and extravagant. Moldings of axxent are quick to install, simple and clean. The trim should be fitted with the FDP500 ( recommended mounting adhesive by the manufacturer). If the corner strips are processed in the wet room, assembly adhesive must be designed.

The Orac Deco Fix Hydro FDP700 would be suitable as an example. Before mounting the base should be checked. The substrate must be flat, smooth, clean and dry, and free of grease and oil residues. After assembly, the cornice can be painted with any color.

Binder paints, latex paints, semi-gloss finishes or high gloss paints are suitable here for painting and round off the interior design. Creativity knows no bounds.

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