NMC Domostyl® window sills – garnish mouldings give your windows contour

The window sills and garnish mouldings of NMC Domostyl® give your windows a beautiful contour. Whether in simple, modern style or nostalgic Neobarock- and Baroque style match each facade.

The crown molding manufacturers NMC offers with the Domostyl® products to unique moldings and elements for the design of the exterior facade. 

The window sills give your windows a special contour. You can glue the garnish mouldings below the window sill. Through the window sills creates a nice ending. With the right frame profiles, thus frame the window beautifully. 

Along with frame profiles, keystones, boss stones, consoles, pediments and columns, you can refine the whole facade. The various styles such as Tuscan, Roman-ionic, Neo-Baroque, Baroque or modern give the house a unique character. 

The Domostyl® products are made of PU hard foam consisting of polyurethane. This material is particularly good weather resistant, moisture resistant, buckling and crack resistence. Thus, the products own very good for outdoor use. 

The installation of window sills is done in a few steps. First Cut the bar of the window sill to your desired level. The left and right corners should be cut with a so-called cranked, so a nice ending at the corners formed. Glue the elements with the NMC Domostyl Hybrid glue. If the window sill has dried you can mount it on the wall under the window. To slip or sag to avoid unintended should the window sill be supported with steel nails. Mitres and joints should be provided with a glue-joint. After drying you can mount stone or metal sill covers. A more detailed installation instructions and other technical data sheets can be found on each product. 

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