NMC Domostyl® stringer course - window frames for the exterior facade

With the Domostyl® products from NMC can design innovative facades. The stringer course give the windows a great contour. Whether modern or classic, the stringer course are available in many variants.

Facades are great large areas, you can set the scene beautifully. Whether in the modern style with great graphic or classic style with detailed stucco ornaments. 

In this category you will find the stringer course that offer great design options for the facade. Stringer course are mounted around the window, so there is this beautiful contour. There are bars with different profiles and can create different styles from modern to classic at different heights with those. 

The Domostyl® products are made from PU-hard foam. PU-hard foam rigid foam is made of polyurethane and is very weather resistant and moisture resistant, and is particularly tough and impact resistant. The surface is provided with a reinforced Kunsttofffarmierung with gray textured acrylic-based primer. The mouldings are inclined at 2 ° to allow water to run off. The stringer course have a temperature resistance of -35 ° C to + 75 ° C.

Cut the 2-meter-profile to the desired length and note the miter. The miter is very easy to cut with the miter box and a hacksaw of NMC. Enter the Domostyl glue on the adhesive surface. Since the frame sections are glued to the facade, the right Domostyl adhesive should be used by NMC. The facade remains completely undamaged. After drying, the attachment joints with adhesive Domostyl be grouted. A more detailed assembly instructions for each product. 

The Domostyl® series includes more facade elements such as window sills, gable, final and boss stones, consoles and rosettes. These products can make great and unique facades. 

In our stucco moulding - shop you will also continue stucco decorations and finishes for your own four walls.

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