Decorative elements Domostyl® NMC - Make your facade unique!

Whether circular or rectangular - the decorative elements of the Domostyl® series of NMCs illuminate every façcde in the new light. Individual design possibilities with an extravagant effect in classical baroque style or also quite simple and timeless.

Stucco Mouldings tothing stone BA10 NMC garnish mouldings Domostyl
Item no.: x13-BA10
39,94 €/Stück39,94€*
Stucco Mouldings corbel CA11 NMC garnish mouldings Domostyl
Item no.: x13-CA11
23,47 €/Stück23,47€*
Stucco Mouldings corbel CA10 NMC garnish mouldings Domostyl
Item no.: x13-CA10
28,71 €/Stück28,71€*
Stucco Mouldings tothing stone BA11 NMC garnish mouldings Domostyl
Item no.: x13-BA11
33,17 €/Stück33,17€*

NMC brings Domostyl® stucco decorative elements stucco products in the modern and classic baroque stile on the market. There is no limit to a modern facade design. Round stucco rosettes impress on every wall surface and give the outer facade a certain charm.

Edged ornamental elements made of stucco elements with the decorative moldings as a gable above the window front or simply as a decorative element make your facade a very special one. The stucco moldings on the outer facade with the appropriate NMC glue Domo NMY molding strips are also to be found in our shop.

Set accents on a simple facade with chic bosses. NMC offers a wide range of possible elements from stucco for an exciting masonry design.

You can find the right tool for the perfect fitting of stucco moldings in the shop under accessories.

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