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NMC Domostyl® Columns - Design your four walls individually with stucco elements

Take a look at your room design with the Domostyl® columns from NMC. Regardless of whether you want to set an accent, or an exclusive style with stucco and pillars draws you through the complete design of your house. With the right column elements you are guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher!

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Column elements of NMC consisting of a special PU rigid foam. This ensures a special impact strength of the stucco elements. Pillars make something special out of every room. Because of their often Baroque style, the NMC pillars are especially popular when it comes to a striking room design.

The façade profiles add a certain contour and speciality to a façade, however barren. Combine a simple stucco column with elaborate column capitals. There is no limit to the design and concept.

Let yourself be inspired by the DOMOSTYL® products from NMC and immerse yourself in the world of stucco moldings. Exclusive design possibilities, high-quality product processing and a real eye-catcher in your four walls. That's exactly what the stucco collections from NMC offer

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