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NMC Arstyl pilasters - Columns wall decoration

With the pilasters of NMC enchant your own home in no time in a baroque paradise. In addition, we also offer many modern or antique pilasters, these are available in our well-stocked shop.

Stucco Mouldings Pilaster base PB1 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-PB1
96,06 €/Stück96,06€*
Stucco Mouldings Pilaster base PB2 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-PB2
82,29 €/Stück82,29€*
Stucco Mouldings Pilaster capital PC1 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-PC1
93,05 €/Stück93,05€*
Stucco Mouldings Pilaster capital PC2 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-PC2
52,57 €/Stück52,57€*
Stucco Mouldings Pilaster PP1 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-PP1
178,56 €/Stück178,56€*
Stucco Mouldings Pilaster PP2 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-PP2
94,36 €/Stück94,36€*

The Arstyl program of NMC contains a unique assortment of different profiles and decorative accessories. The manufacturer NMC offers a stylish overall design, including walls and cornices, baseboards, lighting systems and door decorations. 

Pilaster to interior walls, exterior walls or bookshelves lend door surrounds, a historical look. You can also beautify your corridor with pilasters. If the Arstyl pilasters are placed at certain intervals of the corridor looks interesting and gets a lock character. 

In ancient Greek architectural pilasters were made of plaster or stucco. Today, you are almost exclusively made of polyurethane produced. Today pilasters made of polyurethane are in contrast to the pilasters plaster considerably easier to process. The stucco elements of NMC are processed with a special mounting adhesive. Manufacturer NMC recommends the installation adhesive ADEFIX for its products. The ADEFIX is a water-based, white mounting adhesive with a spatula property. He also has the following properties: recoat, only for indoor use, solvent-free, protect after drying slightly elastic and frost. The adhesive sealant and jointing material for all products made of polystyrene NOMASTYL, HDP WALLSTYL and polyurethane ARSTYL. After assembly, the pilasters and stucco elements with a binder can - latex paint or varnish be deleted. You can choose between high-gloss or matte, let your creativity run wild. 

In our column space images you will find many design possibilities. Be inspired by the space images. We would be happy to send you the total catalogs of different manufacturers. Not hesitate to contact us whether by phone, by mail or through our contact form, we look forward to meeting you. Have fun in our shop.

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