NMC Arstyl decorative elements and wall panels

In this category you will find the entire range of garnish elements by the manufacturer NMC. Decorative elements such as the new Arstyl Wall Panels provide an absolute highlight on your walls. This stucco wall panels you will love.

Stucco Mouldings wall panels BUMP NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 3
Item no.: x13-BUMP
154,85 €/Stück154,85€*
Stucco Mouldings wall panels CUBE NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 6
Item no.: x13-CUBE
265,19 €/Stück265,19€*
Stucco Mouldings wall panels DOMINO NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 4
Item no.: x13-DOMINO
206,47 €/Stück206,47€*
Stucco Mouldings wall panels ICON NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 3
Item no.: x13-ICON
154,85 €/Stück154,85€*
Stucco Mouldings wall panels LIQUID NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 6
Item no.: x13-LIQUID
265,19 €/Stück265,19€*
Stucco Mouldings wall panels STONE NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 6
Item no.: x13-STONE
265,19 €/Stück265,19€*
Stucco Mouldings wall panels WAVE NMC Arstyl interior, Set of 7
Item no.: x13-WAVE
309,38 €/Stück309,38€*

The niches and decorative elements of NMC from the collection Arstyl loosen any wall visually. You are a contemplative ornament for walls and facades and interior walls. However niches are not only decoration, but can also serve as storage areas. Often, these storage areas are used as decorative elements for presentation or special work items. 

Those who believe that decorative elements such as pilasters, capitals, columns, corbels, Byblos, niches or decorative fireplaces out of fashion, are greatly mistaken. There are the popular elements when it comes to classic interior design. They lend an understated elegance and sophistication. However, the elements can now use even more variegated. 

The new wall panels of NMC are an absolute novelty. Bump Cube, Domino, Icon, Liquid and Wave are the different patterns of NMC wall panels. Through its different structures and the 3-dimensional pattern, the walls act like a real work of art. The wall panels are available in sets. The sets consist of 3 to 7 members. 

The entire Arstyl collection is made from a high density polyurethane. The surface is smooth and has a solvent-free primer. Moreover, the surface is matt, white and has machined adhesive pads on the back, which provide a better adhesion. 

The stucco should be mounted with the mounting adhesive ADEFIX of NMC. The adhesive putty dimensions and filling cracks at the same time. He is also paintable and resandable. After assembly, the elements with an emulsion paint, latex paint or a paint should be removed. Here you can choose the shade and the gloss itself. 

If you still need ideas, then look around at our room. In this section you will find many ways you can put these quality elements perfectly. You will see your walls are livelier in a jiffy. If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone, by mail or through our contact form. Have fun in our shop!

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