NMC Arstyl ledges elegant and unique for ceilings and walls

These cornice collection Astyl of NMC consists of the highest quality standards and includes a professional range. The Arstyl corner posts can be painted over without pretreatment. And thus can let your creativity run wild. In our online shop stucco-mouldings.com you will find many different designs in modern or classic styles.

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Stucco Mouldings profile Z1 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-Z1
19,46 €/m38,91€*
Stucco Mouldings profile Z10 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl
Item no.: x13-Z10
7,35 €/m14,70€*
Stucco Mouldings cornice Z101 NMC garnish mouldings Arstyl set of 4
Item no.: x13-Z101
32,52 €/Stück32,52€*
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Arstyl offers not only luxurious cornices but also a variety of rosettes, wall profiles, plinths and columns. They are made of a polymer mixture, thus the elements are shockproof. 

To ensure a quick and easy installation, the profiles and the associated mounting adhesive should be 24 hours in advance stored at room temperature. Before you get started with the installation, the following things should be considered: The surface of the wall and ceiling must be clean, dry, free of grease and dust free. It is also recommended that the surface is additionally sanded. An ideal room temperature is between 10°C to process and 35°C to the crown molding. The crown moldings are a special type recommended by the manufacturer, assembly adhesive (at the NMC is the Adefix-Glue) processes. For the abutting edges there is a separate adhesive, this would be the Adefix Plus. After assembly, the trim can be painted with emulsion paint or a varnish. So you can easily and individually tune your newly acquired crown molding color to your home. 

A new trend is to emphasize the moldings with a high-gloss finish, with the brightness of the bars are still better. Each room has been decorated with a cornice, looks much more elegant and homely. 

Besides the lovely look of this trim also have a very practical effect. You can hide cracks or unevenness. Moreover ledges make the transition from wall to ceiling softer. With the right stucco profiles, you can let the room height is lower or higher. 

The selection of the ledges is very large. Therefore, you may like to pre-order this one pattern. The samples are supplied in 20 cm sections directly to your home.

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