NMC Arstyl rosettes and ceiling elements - high ceilings decorated with stucco elements

Rosettes and ceiling elements of NMC have many uses, whether for ceiling or walls. These can also be mounted easily. Rosettes are available in various shapes and designs. With the large selection is something suitable for every room there.

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Rosettes of the company NMC ceiling elements made of PU rigid foam. This material called polyurethane, it is very robust, shock-proof and therefore are very high quality. This means all rosettes are directly suitable for any wall or ceiling. 

Thus stucco elements are the ideal tools to beautify a blanket. Simply fast and clean they are to process. NMC offers a wide range of models and designs. Plaster products can be combined with numerous other articles. The rosettes can be wall and ceiling moldings, baseboards or door surrounds attach each still in the same style. So you get a consistently good result in the whole living room. 

The rosettes of NMC each have their own story. From the easy to combine with the slightly playful and ornate rosettes in the baroque style, or the quiet, timeless and simple rosettes with each other Stuck bar, furniture style, each floor and all wall coverings. The edgy, stylish and modern real rosettes that fit great in any clear and sleek style of living. 

The provision and installation of ceiling panels is quite simple and also for hobbyists no problem. It is important that the ground is stable, firm and dry. If the rosettes to be adhered to an existing wallpaper, check this please for now on your liability. For the first mounting position must be aligned and mark. After that, an opening must be sawn or cut so that the power cord for ceiling lighting has its place. Subsequently, the space provided adhesives are applied in snake. Now just press the rosette on the ceiling and seal the edges with glue and finished the installation

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