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NMC Arstyl Art Deco stucco mouldings timeless and modern

In this collection you will find three different ceiling profiles, which offers six ways to make your ceiling. The stucco moulding AD 21, AD 22 and AD 23 can in fact be any process in which one or the other direction. So you achieve control various special effects.

The simple profiles inspire with their quick and easy installation, its water-resistant and moisture-resistant material and pre-primed surfaces. The moldings can be painted with both latex and emulsion paints and varnishes. 

Previously, the stucco was often kept in white, but today the decorative mouldings are more often set with color or gloss lacquers in scene. Before mounting the Arstyl Art Deco strips the crown moulding and the associated mounting adhesive should be 24 hours in advance stored at room temperature. The substrate must be dry prior to application of trim, fat-free, dust-free and dry. The ideal room temperature is between 10 ° C and 35 ° C. The Arstyl Art Deco mouldings should be provided with a special mounting adhesive recommended by the manufacturer (Adefix) processed. The Adefix glue is not only construction adhesive, but also serves simultaneously as a filling and leveling compound for unevens or hems. The glue can be painted and sanded. 

The moldings are not only for decoration but can also hide columns and error. Trim with double advantage. With the NMC Arstyl Art Deco garnish mouldings you can give your own four walls a completely new character, from modern to fancy and classy. 

With corner posts, you can also vary the ceiling height visually. In other words, with the wide crown molding can be at a high ceiling height can affect the low ceiling and narrow strips can appear higher a lower room. Be inspired by this high-quality category. Of course, you can use our sample service available. The swatches are approximately 20 cm tall. These patterns are at home in no time with you. This makes your decision certainly easier. Have fun in our shop.

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