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NMC Arstyl profile strips - special design for exceptional interior design

In this collection you will find for an extravagant interior design is certainly the correct trim. The collection Arstyl NMC consists of a combination of ceiling panels, ceiling roses and wall profiles.

The collection Arstyl by the manufacturer NMC consists of a professional range of products that meets the highest quality standards. Without pretreatment, the Arstyl decorative moldings and rosettes can be deleted. 

The crown molding can be used as a decorative element for wall and floor. Arstyl includes a wide range of decorative moldings, pilasters, columns and rosettes. You can let your imagination run wild. The moldings of the collection Arstyl are made of PU rigid foam. PU rigid foam is polyurethane. Polyurethane is a high quality material and has the following features: Articulated and tear resistant, good weatherability. This material is easy to work with and extremely impact resistant. 

Additionally, the material is eco-friendly. With rosettes, you can beautify your ceiling in a jiffy. And often in beautiful lamps are provided with a rosette, the attention is so completely drawn to the lamp. Especially the chandelier should not be missing a rosette. Of course, you can use rosettes as a wall decoration. These make up with a colorful paint particularly well in the nursery. Trims also have a practical and positive side effect. Small tears or holes can be covered with decorative elements. 

Many sections of the collection Arstyl can also be multifunctional inserted. Without much effort you can conjure with the crown molding a living paradise. All trim elements are primed and must be painted after installation with a binder color or with a lacquer. The manufacturer has a special mounting adhesive for its bars. This should always be used at NMC moldings. Just so you have warranty on the bars. Take a moment and let yourself be inspired in our store of the space images.

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