Shelf fronts for interior design by Orac Decor stucco moldings

Shelf fronts can be composed of different stucco elements. For various Byblossytemen and pediments you quickly make a chic shelf wall that makes the whole room an eye-catcher.

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The shelf fronts of the manufacturer Orac Decor are an eye-catcher and bring a special charm in your room and are unique because they are modeled on the origins of the port city of Byblos, which is located north of Beirut. The traditions of the shelf fronts, window sills and pillars are well over 500 years. With a few clicks, you can put a piece of ancient culture directly into your home and create your very own shelf fronts.

The products of Orac Luxxus collection are made of a high quality and can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are made and thus Duropolymer shockproof, waterproof and temperature resistant (up to + 70 ° C). The stucco elements are pre-primed and must be ever overcoated / end-sealed after use with the matching color. This you can decide individually and underline. Here you can play with matt or glossy and colorful / or different muted shades.

The installation of stucco elements is simple and can be mounted on its own even without craftsmen. Here it is important to note that the correct assembly adhesive is used. Inside one uses this to FDP500 and for the exterior and bathroom area of FDP700 Hydro adhesive should be used. The stucco elements can be processed super and are followed by a long-lasting and great product. You can still order the entire room to miss the shelf fronts additional columns and other beautiful stucco elements bring a single charm.

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