Stucco mouldings for wall and door - door frames and panels of stucco profile

With stucco mouldings of the brands Orac Decor or NMC you can design your wall and door surfaces individual. Is a true eye-catcher from a very simple door. Get a special look for your rooms by embellishing with trims the door frames and door surfaces or decorate with profiles.

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Stucco Mouldings base D310 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: D310
20,24 €/Stück20,24€*
Stucco Mouldings base D320 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: D320
21,28 €/Stück21,28€*
Stucco Mouldings base D330 Orac Decor LUXXUS door frames
Item no.: D330LR
24,42 €/Stück24,42€*
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With stucco profiles, a simple room with many possibilities to a very original space can be transformed. Starting with the walls : if an exclusive flavor is desired it is possible to wall heights with the respective crown molding to divide or differentiate, and thus to make the rest of the wall space with beautiful wallpaper.

Since there are many different designs of the wall bars can be varied and bring different results. From simple and elegant to individual and modern design. If the walls are now ready dressed even need the doors a new look.

There are again beautiful products that come into question. With door surrounds and door panels can be easily and quickly convert a door. The products are made of a rigid polyurethane foam and thus is very stable and firm.

So keep these times of a shock. The items consist of such a foam, are kink - and tear-resistant and have a high resistance to wear and are also highly resistant to weathering. If all these steps are done, there is an overall coherent spatial image. Now you can still choose the right paint.

All stucco and stucco profiles are paintable and therefore tintable to the whole customization. If you have a powerful wallpaper and sophisticated decoration, it is the stucco profiles in a light cream tone to emphasize, so that they stand out from the rest of the wall design and do not apply too much.

And just as one can use the principle way around. Just let the plaster moldings act and put them in the foreground with a slightly bolder color. Now you can get some ideas and then embark on the project Mouldings for walls and doors.

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