Mouldings for Ceiling - in the form of cornice mouldings and mouldings for ceiling

Today, stucco is made of polyurethane foam (hard plastic) or Styrofoam. With stucco cornice mouldings you can achieve stylish transitions from wall to ceiling. In our Stucco Mouldings Shop for Mouldings, cornice strips and garnish mouldings you will find many different designs and qualities that will suit every taste and style meet.

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At the present time the modern crown molding can be easily mounted with a mounting adhesive. After the attachment of the stucco panel can be painted with a paint binder or latex paint.

Mouldings which are today made of different materials such as, for example, polystyrene, polymer, polyurethane, or polyurethane foam.

Most crown molding is pre-primed, so that a coating with any color usually sufficient. At that time the stucco mortar was produced. Commonly found in the stucco palaces, castles or even restored old buildings.

The term includes all stucco molding of plastic mortar of all types, from a simple façade with cornice to large-scale, plastic wall and ceiling gesture lungs with opulent sculptural forms of the Baroque and Rococo.

The stucco was once common in white. Today, the moldings are more often set with color or gloss paints the scene. The crown moldings provide not only tasteful decoration, but also hide errors and columns.

Mouldings are often used for wall cladding and used for indirect lighting of living spaces.

Some things you need to consider before installing moldings:
The surface must be dry, clean, and just grease and dust free. It is advisable to abrade the surface before. The humidity must not be too high and the ideal temperature should be between 10° C and 35° C.

To ensure easy assembly, the rails and the mounting adhesive should be 24 hours in advance stored at room temperature. In addition, the mounting glue the manufacturer should always be used.

The individual sections can be sawn with a circular saw with a hand or the corresponding blade.

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