Stucco Mouldings become lighting stripes with indirect lighting elements

With indirect lighting to create a cozy atmosphere in homes, shops, offices and hotels. Meanwhile, there are many different profiles that can be equipped with indirect lighting. The lighting elements are developed by manufacturers to the highest standards of measurement for the respective profiles to produce an optimal light and design. Discover Mouldings for Indirect Lighting by Orac Decor and NMC in this category.

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Indirect lighting is used in cornices or skirtings. There are Orac of a so-called Xinnix. Xinnix The models are embedded in the wall. You just worry in corridors and stairs for a stylish and efficient lighting.

Xinnix are available in the following sizes: L600 -001- Xinnix XL 34 x 8.5 x 19.5 cm and L601 -001- S Xinnix 10 x 9 x 10 cm. If the model L600 -001- XL Xinnix is mounted at eye level, it also serves as a modern uplight. Even when switched off, the design is a very edeler looker.

Decorative bowls to hemispheres can also be equipped with indirect lighting. The lighting fixtures fit perfectly into the pre- trim the respective manufacturer.

For some time now also give advanced LED lighting systems. The customized lighting profiles provide equally to the private as well as public buildings. The compact LEDs have a long lifespan and are also environmentally friendly, energy saving, easy to maintain and easy to install.

LED is particularly well suited for indirect lighting, because it lights diffuse and not hidden. They provide comfortable light that casts no shadow and is optimally distributed in space.

The Orac Luxxus program offers a unique range of luxury creative profiles and decorative lighting. The crown moldings are made from high quality polyurethane. The material provides a smooth installation, also the decorative elements and the profile edges are sharp and accurately depicted in this trim.

The moldings of Orac from the program Luxxus a priming is applied so that the rails can be painted with a high quality binder or paint color.

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