Decorative Hard Foam Niches for indoor use

Hard Foam Niches are decorative elements that can be incorporated into walls. They are available in different optics and value the living room right on.

Hard Foam Niches be used for decoration on walls and in corners. They give the room a unique look and also serve as a decorative element for example Sculptures or flower vases.

The Hard Foam Niches consist of compacted polyurethane. They are FCKW-/ HFCKW and pollution-free. The surface is smooth and coated with a matte white solvent-free primer. Due to the clean and precise cutting lines, all parts can be put together easily. The milled adhesive surfaces provide them a good adhesion. For bonding a putty adhesive is used, this is very strong and durable. Additionally, you can also tighten your niche on the wall. Thus you get a load capacity of up to 3 kg. Now the Hard Foam Niches are not only a fashionable eye-catcher, but also a practical shelf for decorating.

Hard Foam Niches can be assembled in different parts. So you have the choice between different sizes and shapes. If you want to set a special highlight, the niches may be equipped with lamps. It can be used a light bulb up to 60 watts.

The Hard Foam Niches be painted before assembly. For this purpose, a commercial interior color is usually used. If you want to accent colors, you can order your desired shade with us and so then highlight the niches. If you put more emphasis on shiny surfaces, you can also use this a high gloss varnish water-based, even these you can tint them in their desired color.

Fits to the Hard Foam Niches there is an extensive range of accessories. So the walls can be designed with decorative profiles, consoles or rosettes.

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