Corbels and shelves for interior design by Orac Decor

Plaster consoles and shelves decorate your walls both inside and out. With a few easy clicks, you have embellished your room in a Renaissance style. The decorative elements of Orac Decor are made of a very high quality and easy to process.

stucco-corbel B404 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: B404
73,58 €/Stück73,58€*
stucco-corbel B409 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: B409
109,27 €/Stück109,27€*
stucco-corbel B410 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: B410
133,77 €/Stück133,77€*
stucco-corbel B413 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: B413
77,93 €/Stück77,93€*
stucco-corbel B414 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: B414
62,78 €/Stück62,78€*
stucco-corbel B417 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings
Item no.: B417
156,06 €/Stück156,06€*

The category corbels and shelves is carefully designed in different optics. Find consoles in a beautiful acanthus, held temporarily simple or volute (spiral shape). All variants are from the Renaissance and can turn a simple concrete house in something unique with a few small and fast steps.

They are merely a visual facelift and can therefore not support heavy loads (weights) can withstand. Mainly they are used in the outdoor area. Formerly in the Renaissance the shelves were installed directly in the masonry, so you can now rebuild quickly and easily. The products of Orac Decor Luxxus series are absolutely high quality, from a pollution-free polyurethane with a very high density and thus extremely resistant, shockproof, and thanks to perfect primer also waterproof.

After that you can paint the corbels or shelves in a desired colour, gold or bronze are often used. The final coating is a very important part of the process, because the stucco elements are only pre-primed. The matching mounting glue you can find in the "right products". There are two varieties to choose from glue, once the FDP500 suitable (for inside) and the FDP700 Hydro, this is for the exterior and bathroom area. Perhaps you are now got the taste and want to turn your simple home with simple facade an eye around the street?

If you need more creative ideas or do have an open question please feel free to call or contact us by email, we provide you with advice and practical help.

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