Brillux TuneLight Light Bars - Stucco mouldings for indirect lighting with dimmable LED

The long-living 24-volt-system is made up of stucco mouldings together with light and in connection it displays many different effects. The atmosphere of a room can be altered due to the light being dimmable and possessing a warm as well as a cold hue of lighting. There is an arragement 120 small LED lights per meter under a plastic cover which ensues constant illumination.

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Profile adhesive glue 3041 Brillux Stucco Moulding 310 ml
Item no.: TL-KL-3041
11,35 €/Stück11,35€*
Wireless remote control Brillux TuneLight
Item no.: TL-FF
104,34 €/Stück104,34€*
LED flex board Brillux TuneLight protection class IP60 500 cm
Item no.: TL-IP60-5
426,52 €/Stück426,52€*
Control panel with wireless controller Brillux TuneLight 200W
Item no.: TL-SS-2
469,49 €/Stück469,49€*
Cable Brillux TuneLight extension cable 500 cm
Item no.: TL-Z-5
30,06 €/Stück30,06€*
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The products of Brillux's TuneLight system are a combination of light and stucco mouldings and are suitable for every kind of room. Because of the adaptable system every individual room gets its own personal ambience – be it a living room, the room of a gastronomy or the own kitchen. 

The handling of this system is made easy and straightforward by inclulding a remote control. It is possible to alter between a warm and a cold hue of white to create different atmospheres. The light is dimmable and you can save two of your favourite light settings on the remote control. 

The installation of the light concept is easy and comfortable with a „plug-and-play“ system. The LED lights are connected to a transformer and act with it to be the result of the dimmable light and the different shade of white. 

The LED stripes are mounted on aluminium borders which ensues that the light does not shine through the stucco mouldings and leads to the effect of indirect lighting.

The installation of the products can be done in a new building or during the renovation of already existing rooms. 

To help with the planning of the system a mobile consultation suitcase is provided.

With this suitcase you can explain, simulate and demonstrate the Brillux TuneLight system. In addition there are some examples of stucco mouldings in the guidance bag to try out the different looks. 

The LED stripes can be cut up independently in 5 cm steps which shows the adaptability of these products. 

Another advantage of the TuneLight products is the low power consumption.

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