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Interior design - decorative moldings and coving to ceiling , wall and floor

With our products by Orac Decor and NMC are also your " four walls " a real eye-catcher with your own personal style . Whether stucco moldings in the style of the Baroque , Art Nouveau, Neo-Baroque , Modern , retro or country house - we have the right trim for an individual wall design for each your rooms.

The interior design affects our well-being, because a large part of life is played out in the house and our living rooms. Whether in the office, in restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, Spa temples or even in your own home. That's why we offer many wall knitted Altun genes to make rooms attractive and inviting. 

Interior design is the interaction between colors, wallpaper, stucco moldings, flooring, furniture and home accessories. It is composed of many different device elements, the design of the walls, floors and ceilings should be harmonized with each other. 

About taste and style can be well known, argue, is crucial, which standard is to be implemented and is aimed at. However, not only the living environment should focus on functionality but also plays a major role. 

A stylish and luxurious interior design you can achieve with crown molding and stucco elements. Whether ledges wall moldings, niches, rosettes, columns, corbels or baseboards or ceiling rosettes, please see our crown molding shop stucco- a numerous choice of design elements.

The comprehensive profile ranges from Orac Decor and NMC include various styles of essential to traditional. Whether modern or classic, you can choose between small, delicate or big flashy trim. Through the use of rosettes you achieve an impressive effect on ceilings and walls. Your walls are alive by pilasters, niches and decorative elements. Set special accents like a perfect makeup. 

Basically, each room can be enhanced with crown molding. To create eg moldings at the transition from wall to ceiling or ceiling medallions as a background of the central light source is a very special ambience.

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