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Stucco Mouldings special withre box FB10 Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings

Item no.: FB10

Orac Decor
ORAC DECOR, manufacturer of moldings and decorative profiles, which has always been renowned as a leader in innovation. To Highlight is the excellent quality of the products of Orac.
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Orac Decor
FB10 special withre box, with accessories: Special-saw FB14, inch ruler, pencil, Special-Lineal FB15

With the special withre box FB10 by Orac Decor the stucco mouldings you can easily cut your stucco moldings to the desired length and the right angle for your rooms. The set includes furthermore helpful materials that you will need to cut the stucco mouldings: a special ruler FB15, a pencil, an inch rule and the special saw FB14. In our shop you find many cornices, skirting and fries strips that can get processed with this high-quality withre box. You can find further helpful accessories also in our shop below “accessories”. If you should have further questions to the withre box, we are happy about your message below “Questions”.


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