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Stucco Mouldings special-Lineal FB15_L Orac Decor LUXXUS garnish mouldings

Item no.: FB15

Orac Decor
ORAC DECOR, manufacturer of moldings and decorative profiles, which has always been renowned as a leader in innovation. To Highlight is the excellent quality of the products of Orac.
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Orac Decor
FB15, protractor for tight cropping

The LUXXUS program of Orac Decor contains a unique offering luxury creative profiles and decorative accessories for framing. This entire program for a stylish overall concept of Eck, - and wall moldings on skirting to lighting systems and door decorations, each with a twist. The moldings are from quality plastic Purotouch (high-quality polyurethane) produced. This material has proven its quality and allows for a smooth installation, as well as the motives, decorative elements and the profile edges depicted is accurate and sharp in these trims. On the moldings LUXXUS a priming is applied, so that they can be easily removed with "quality products".


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