Orac material pattern - pattern case for the right choice of stucco moulding

Add to Orac Decor sample cases and packets of designer Ulf Moritz there are numerous stucco moulding pattern with catalogs for viewing. This pattern pieces help you or your clients in choosing the right profile bar, because it is not always easy to find the right stucco strip for your needs.

The stucco moulding manufacturers Orac Decor offers sample cases and designer packages for a better view of the products. For it is not easy to find the right stucco strip for his needs. This often helps: pattern pieces stick to the wall or ceiling, compare profiles and inspect the material haptically. Thus, Painters and Decorators are armed with the sample cases and designer packages perfect for customer visits and you can advise your clients perfectly. 

The sample case medium 1 contains sample pieces of plaster mouldings of the collections Axxent and Basixx. Basixx-ceiling moldings are inexpensive Mouldings, consisting of LDS polystyrene and are 100% recyclable. The ceiling, wall and base strips the Axxent Collection are made of Duropolymer and thus quality. The material is water and shock resistant and is suitable for skirting. 

The sample case 2 medium includes pattern pieces and the Axxent Luxxus collections. The Luxxus collection of Orac Decor is made of high quality Mouldings for ceilings, walls, pedestal and decorative elements such as rosettes, shelf fronts, columns and decorative elements. The material is PU-hard foam and is made of polyurethane. This material is particularly kink and tear-resistant and durable. 

The Ulf Moritz Design package consists of all Ulf Moritz trim. Ulf Moritz is a successful designer who has designed some with Orac Decor stucco mouldings and trim. These bars are made of the high quality material of Luxxus collection. 

And if you can not decide between the Luxxus collection and Ulf Moritz products, please order the designer package with the trim by Ulf Moritz and the Luxxus bars. This gives you the highest quality available Mouldings for a perfect comparison. 

For painters and interior decorators this sample case and design packages are a great companion when visiting customers. Provide your customers with the different stucco moldings of Orac Decor and look directly with your customers the appropriate profiles. In each case a pattern catalog is by many room situations are depicted with great options for inspiration.

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