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Accessories - the right tools for a quick and easy installation of trim

Before you begin your project, you should ensure that you have the right tools and accessories together. A good preparation is very helpful when it comes to the processing of trim / crown molding and save you a lot of time.

With a little skill and knowledge in dealing with a miter box assembly of crown molding for a do-it-yourselfer should be no problem.

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Brillux Lacryl-PU Gloss Paint 275
Item no.: 027507500000
33,47 €/Ltr.25,10€*
Dolomit 900 1,0 Ltr., white interior dispersion paint
Item no.: 1-81104
11,31 €/Ltr.11,31€*
Brillux Lacryl silk mat paint 270 white 750 ml
Item no.: 1-92080
0,03 €/ml25,87€*
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Below is a list of things you definitely need for the installation of crown molding. Let's start with the tool : 

You need a miter box to cut the strips, which are always supplied in 2 meter long pieces mitred. Here you must make sure that the miter is also suitable for the selected profiles. 

In our shop always is the max for the various Gehrungsscheidladen. Size of the profiles that can be processed with the respective tool. 

A suitable saw, which is at least 50-60 cm long, should have fine teeth so that you can cut the profiles easily. Also make sure that there is no rust on the saw. For the measurement of the corners you need a protractor, so you run the miter and the right angle. 

A ruler, craft knife and pencil should not be missed. Some profiles have to be additionally fixed with nails, but you should also take care of before then the corresponding nails, and might need a hammer. 

For filling the adhesive, you need a spatula. It would be advantageous to use a commercial filler and a putty. The normal putty you can use good for rough surfaces. 

The putty has a strongly curved, slender and flexible putty knife and is thus very well suited for the bumps, curves and any fine gradients. 

To clean and precise to get the glue which acts as filler on the bars and into the wall and ceiling joints, you need a standard caulking gun. After mounting the strips and drying time is stopped they are still painted with standard color. 

Joints that were plastered must be sanded before painting slightly smooth with a piece of sandpaper. After painting you can enjoy the new atmosphere in your home and will long enjoy it.

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